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Body & Thigh Slim’s All-Natural Ingredients

Body & Thigh Slim’s powerful herbal formula stimulates your metabolic rate to burn off fat faster while suppressing unwanted food cravings all day long. Body & Thigh Slim is an all-natural weight loss supplement with no risk of dependence or side effects. Body Thigh Slim’s contains the following active ingredients:

Green Tea Leaf extracts

Green tea has been clinically shown to promote natural weight loss, as well as low bad LDL cholesterol levels, improving health and well-being while simultaneously trimming your waistline. Clinical studies suggest that consuming green tea significantly improves one's fat oxidation rate by over 17%! This means that weight loss supplements containing green tea extracts such as Body & Thigh Slim can dramatically increase the rate at which your body naturally burns off fat for a slimmer, sexier you!

Green Coffee Extract

Much like green tea, green coffee extract is high in caffeine to kick your metabolism into gear. Caffeine also reduces appetite to prevent snacking between meals. Green coffee extract also contains chlorogenic acid, a powerful antioxidant that stimulates lipolysis to burn through body fat.


Even trace amounts of chromium positively effect lipid metabolism in our bodies. Chromium accelerates the rate at which cholesterol, fatty acids, and glycerol are converted into usable energy, effectively reducing the amount of fat that is stored around your abdomen, stomach, and thighs.

Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketones are gaining popularity in the weight loss industry and for good reason. Raspberry ketones accelerate fat lipolysis to burn through your fat stores and help you slim down. They also help regulate levels of adiponectin, one of the hormones that controls hunger and metabolism.

Naturally Lose Weight Fast!

Aside from the above listed weight loss benefits, green tea also contains epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and caffeine. EGCG is a powerful catechin polyphenol is the key factor to rapid weight loss and fat burning from consuming green tea. When combined with caffeine’s ability to dramatically increase one’s metabolic rate, you end up with an incredible natural supplement that maximizes your body’s fat-burning potential ten fold!

Body Thigh Slim helps you burn fat instead of packing on the pounds by steadily increasing your metabolic rate all day long. Taking Body Thigh Slim on a daily basis has been proven to burn the caloric equivalent of two-hours worth of intense cardio – no exercise required! Why wait to look and feel great?

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